Full Service Architectural Design

At CA, design is integral to everything we do. It starts from the first meeting, the first site visit through to the moment our clients start to move in. Each project is unique. Our process is inclusive and above all, one that clearly embraces our client’s goals. Creating a design vision that is collaborative, comprehensive and transformative forms our core value and is reflected in each of our projects. From small residential renovations to master plans for major cities, CA creates designs which are innovative, inspiring and responsive to their environment and to the needs of the client. Design is our passion.

Master Planning Services

Master Planning is the art of anticipating.
Every project is completely unique, and CA has created master plans for projects as diverse as large city centers, commercial and educational campuses, residential and mixed use neighborhoods, and the San Francisco Zoo. While each project is different, there is a governing set of principles that ca always employs. A successful master plan must create a sense of identity, of “placeness,” and reinforce the physical and cultural attributes of that place. The master plan must anticipate the future needs of the user and provide a framework to accommodate sustainable growth. Design of the master plan also focuses on quality of life and livability, emphasizing access to parks and green spaces, and circulation linkages.

Feasibility and Pre-Purchase Evaluation

CA’s services include the evaluation of projects prior to acquisition, to determine whether a proposed acquisition will meet the client’s needs in terms of feasibility, scheduling and cost. Drawing on our knowledge of local planning, zoning and building codes, and our extensive experience working with each of these departments, CA is able to accurately assess the degree of difficulty and likelihood of success of any particular project. CA helps its clients understand the timing related to working with obtaining planning approvals and building permits, obtaining variances, rezoning and myriad other issues that may be encountered. In addition, we assess seismic, life safety and accessibility issues, as well as the availability of necessary utilities. Pre-purchase evaluations allow our clients to optimize their decision-making based on in-depth insights into all areas relating to the success of a potential project.

Programming Services

Programming is an integral part of the design process, and many clients look to CA to help them program their projects to best meet their needs. Programming provides the roadmap for everything that follows. By listening carefully to our clients, drawing on their expertise and understanding their goals, ca can provide the specific design parameters that will optimize the space. CA’s extensive experience with commercial, educational, institutional, zoo+exhibit, hospitality, and transportation, among other areas, gives us the knowledge to hone each design project to our clients’ unique needs.

Project Management Services

As project manager, CA guides our clients projects from the initial stages of design, through construction and initial occupancy. Working closely with the client, we develop budgets and schedules, and guide the process to ensure that projects are completed on time and on budget. Project changes are monitored and clients are advised as to the potential impact, on budget and schedule, of any proposed change. CA works extensively with the client, the end user, consultants and contractors to ensure that every detail is taken into consideration in managing the process for a successful project.

Sustainable Design Services

At CA, we believe that sustainable architecture is good architecture. The issue of sustainability is considered in every design process, as we look for ways to employ sustainable design elements that do not impact the budget. CA’s designs optimize solar orientation, climactic influences and the use of local and recycled materials. In addition, we provide analyses for the use of reclaimed water, alternative energy sources, and other green building options.

Accessibility and Code Compliance Services

Accessibility and code compliance issues have become an increasingly important part of the services CA offers, due both to the growing complexity of the codes and to our clients’ desire to understand and mitigate their exposure. CA’s knowledge of the intricacy of code compliance, based on our extensive experience in this area, allows us to help our clients assess and address any and all compliance issues.

Permit Expediting Services

CA’s permit expediting services begin with basic pre-planning services to evaluate zoning and planning implications of a proposed project, extend through the building permit review and approval, and ultimately to certificate of occupancy. The approvals process has become much more complex and expansive, with many gray areas. Obtaining a favorable interpretation can be critical to a project’s success. CA’s extensive knowledge of code implications, protocols and department reviews allows us to anticipate and address the requisite protocols to ensure that our clients’ projects are reviewed expeditiously and successfully.

Peer Review and Evaluation

Peer review and evaluation services are typically offered prior to construction, to determine the feasibility, viability and constructability of a project. The ultimate goal is to provide our clients with assurance that the proposed project has met all fundamental requirements and to anticipate any potential issues before they arise. Analyses include conformation to general zoning and planning requirements and compliance with building standards, such as accessibility, life safety, seismic and exiting requirements. When required, CA also provides its clients with cost estimates, structural, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering, geotechnical services, lighting, acoustic and landscape design.